Project of a tank for gasoline RVS-1000

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RVS 1000 m3 (gasoline)

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Price $250.00
Index: 31072201
Data Sheet: working documentation
Sections: KR, KR.S, Estimates.
Data volume: 103 MB
File Format: pdf, xls
Design, working documentation including estimates for the construction of a tank for storing gasoline RVS-1000
Technical and economic indicators.
Tank roof, kg: 4200
Tank bottom, kg: 4830
Tank wall, kg: 19070
Anchor fastening, kg: 25
Platform and fence, kg: 1410
Platform and ladder, kg: 525
Technological hatches and pipes in the wall and roof of the tank, kg: 1686

General information.

The useful capacity of the reservoir is 960 m3. The walls and bottom of the tank are designed as a roll assembly and are made in the form of panels, which are transported to the installation site rolled up. The roof of the tank is conical, self-supporting, consisting of rolled floor panels. In the manufacture of panels, the joining of sheets is carried out end-to-end by double-sided automatic welding under a flux layer in accordance with GOST 8713-89. Tanks are completed with light, inspection, measuring hatches, manhole hatches, receiving and distributing branch pipes, ventilation branch pipes. To service the equipment located on the roof, the tank is equipped with a platform fence. Materials for the manufacture of tank structures are specified in the Metal Technical Specification” and on the working drawings. Steel grade StZsp5-sv must be completely deoxidized (quiet), with a carbon equivalent of not more than 0,43. In terms of manufacturing accuracy, sheet steel should be used: in terms of thickness VT - high; according to the width of the BS - normal, according to the flatness of the PV - high, with a symmetrical tolerance field in thickness. The crescent of the sheets should be SP - reduced, no more than 2mm on a base of 1 meter. For steel grade St5sp14637-sv, conduct mandatory tests in accordance with the requirements of GOST 89-30*. the gift viscosity of the KSU should not be lower than 2 J/cmXNUMX.