Kindergarten project for 240 children in Revit

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Preschool educational institution for 240 places in Revit (BIM)

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Index: 26102000B
Data Sheet: Working documentation, BIM model
Sections: according to composition
Data volume: 345 MB
File Format: *.ifc, *.rvt
Project of a kindergarten for 240 children in Revit (BIM).
Presented for sale is a digital information model for the construction of a kindergarten for 240 places, the level of study is LOD 500, the stage "Working documentation".
Technical and economic indicators of the construction object:
Plot area: 0,89 ha
Building area: 1632,0 m2
Total building area: 5481,9 m2
Floors (number of floors): 3 floors
Structural volume of the building: 22 m933
above-ground part: 18 150,0 m3
underground part: 4 m783,0
The maximum height of the building from ur. land to parapet: 12,150 m
Number of kindergarten groups / occupancy: 10 groups / 240 people;
including a group of toddlers 1-3 years old: 2 groups / 48 people;
preschool 3-6 years: 4 groups / 48 people
preschool 6-7 years old: 4 groups / 48 people.

Brief characteristics of the digital information model.

The project of a kindergarten for 240 children was made using the Revit software package. The digital information model is divided into several models (submodels), due to the nature of the volume of files. All submodels of the kindergarten project model in Revit provide a guaranteed collection of them into a single OCS body by section. The BIM-model of the kindergarten building for 240 places of the stage of preparation "Detailed documentation" has a level of study of LOD 500.

Brief characteristics of the construction object.

The object under design is a three-story building with a basement, of complex polygonal shape, with dimensions of axes 1-13 and A-L - 56x35,10 m. Floor height - 3,6 m. Basement height - 2,7 m. Building responsibility level - 2. Degree of fire resistance - II. The constructive fire hazard class of the building is C0. The number of children attending kindergarten - 240 people. The supporting frame of the designed object is a frame-bonded monolithic reinforced concrete frame (columns, stiffening diaphragm, beam floor slabs). The level of the finished floor of the first floor was taken as a relative mark of 0.000, which corresponds to the absolute mark of +19,150 m. The project documentation was developed in accordance with the Decree of December 26.12.2014, 1521 No. compliance with the requirements of the Federal Law "Technical Regulations on the Safety of Buildings and Structures".