The project of a modular kindergarten for 240 places

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Modular kindergarten for 240 places

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Price $2,150.00
Index: 04042300
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 840 MB
File Format: *.pdf, *.xlsx
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Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a building for a modular kindergarten for 240 places.
Technical and economic indicators
Area of ​​land surveying for construction, ha: 2,54
Building area (total), m2: 2470,15
including the area of ​​shady canopies: 540,0
including building area: 1905,8
including TP: 8,75
including DGU: 15,6
Structural volume of the building, including m3: 15196,4
below el. 0.000, m3: 2264,6
Total building area, m2: 3334,0
Energy efficiency class: +A

General information.

The kindergarten building for 240 children was designed using modular technology. The load-bearing structure, perceiving all the loads on the building, is a spatial frame with a regular structure. A regular structure is formed by 2 layers of volumetric cells (modular blocks) with a rigid structural scheme of each cell, consisting of main and secondary racks, main and secondary beams, as well as flexible cross ties in the vertical planes of the modular block (hereinafter referred to as the module). Inside the structure of the spatial frame, the modules are interconnected in the horizontal and vertical plane, forming a single spatial frame. Thus, the spatial frame is a three-dimensional block structural scheme, rigid in all directions. 1.6.2 The overall dimensions of the modules are determined by the space-planning solutions of the building, in total eight standard sizes of the modules are allocated: 1 type 12.040x3.020 m; type 2 12.080x3.020 m; 3 type 12.000x3.020 m; 4 type 9.000x3.020 m; - 5 type 6.020x3.020 m; 6 type 12.040x3.040 m; 7 type 12.000x3.040 m; 8 type 9.000x3.040 m. The modules are mounted with a gap of 30 mm in the plan, vertically - they are installed close to each other.