Kindergarten project for 340 places

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Kindergarten project for 340 places

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a kindergarten for 340 children
Technical and economic indicators
Construction volume, m3: 32098,0
Total area, m2: 7830,86
Height (from the floor to the bottom of the ceiling):
1st floor, m.: 3,3
2st floor, m.: 3,3
3st floor, m.: 3,3
Basement, m.: 2,28
Maximum height, m.: 20,8
Number of floors, pieces: 3
Power, places: 340
Number of staff, people: 65

General information.

The building of the children's educational institution, hereinafter referred to as the preschool educational institution, is designed for 340 places, has 3 floors above ground and a basement floor. The height of the above-ground floors is 3,6 m from floor to floor, the height of the basement floor is 2,28 m to the bottom of building structures. The kindergarten building is designed to be universal with a mandatory set of premises provided for by sanitary standards, including the following functional groups: catering, service, group cells, administrative, developmental groups. The basement technical floor is designed to accommodate the engineering equipment of the preschool educational institution building. Entrances to the technical floor are separate. In the basement floor of the preschool educational institution there are technical rooms, an ITP, an input node, a ventilation chamber, a pump room, a utility room. block. On the ground floor there are premises: a hall, a pram room, corridors, stairwells, a bathroom for staff, a bathroom for MGN, group rooms (bedroom, playroom, dressing room, buffet, dryer and separate exits to the territory through the vestibule), security room, honey. block (procedure room, bathroom, office, speech therapist's office, isolation room for sick children), catering department (vegetable shops for primary and secondary processing, pantry and washing of returnable containers, waste storage, loading from the ramp, vegetable pantry, storage of bulk products, storage of dry products, premises for catering workers, a room for the head of the catering department, a bathroom for staff, a shower room for staff, a cold shop, a distribution room with a lift, a washing tableware, a hot shop, washing eggs, cutting bread, baking bakery products, a room for refrigerated chambers, a washing kitchen utensils, meat and fish shop, KUI, warehouse for returnable packaging), vestibule. On the second floor there are premises; stairwells, corridors, bathrooms. node with a shower for a physical education coach, KUI, dignity. node for staff, coaching, inventory, sports hall, staff room, recreation, manager's office, manager's office, methodological office, music room, san. MGN node, group cells (bedroom, playroom, dressing room, canteen, dryer), MGN lift. On the third floor of the kindergarten there is a sensory room for psychological relief, a group logo therapy room, a psychologist's office, 4 preparatory groups of 20 people from 6 to 7 years old; The mark of the clean floor of the first floor of the building + 0,000, which is +173,20 m, was taken as the zero mark. For unhindered access of MGN directly to the building of the kindergarten, the project provides for a ramp with a standard slope.



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