Project of a kindergarten for 350 children with a walking area

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Kindergarten project for 350 places

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Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a kindergarten for 350 children
Technical and economic indicators
Floors of the building, fl.: 2
Number of floors, fl.: 3
Total building area, m2: 5839,44
Total construction volume of the building, m3: 19066,05
Estimated service life of the building: at least 50 years

General information.

In accordance with the assignment and technical requirements for the design and taking into account the current standards, a kindergarten for 350 children was designed as a separate two-story building for 16 groups. All group cells are designed according to the principle of group isolation. At the level of the 1st floor there are groups of junior and middle age. The development of the space-planning solution for the building was carried out taking into account functional, physical-technical, constructive, architectural, artistic and economic requirements. General classification of the building: By purpose - a public building, intended for the temporary stay of people during the implementation in this building of a certain functional process related to education; The strength, rigidity and stability of the building is provided by the interconnected combination of its vertical and horizontal load-bearing structures. The structural system is frameless (wall). Horizontal bearing structure - prefabricated reinforced concrete disk, vertical bearing structure - planar (walls); The type of unification of the main, working, service and auxiliary premises into a single composition provides for a connection between them through communications, due to which the main premises become impassable. In accordance with the functional organization, a rational planning scheme of the building was adopted - a scheme with horizontal communications (corridor). Thus, the adopted scheme determines the nature of the overall compositional scheme of the building - linear (extended); The height of the first and second floors is 3,3 m, clean (from floor to ceiling) - 3 m. The conditional mark of ±0,000 is the level of the finished floor, which corresponds to the absolute mark of 105,85 according to the topographic survey. The height of the basement is 2,450 m. The height of the technical underground is 1,790 m. The kindergarten building has dimensions in the axes: 66,38 x 45,10 m. including the insolation of their premises. The initial data are the average anthropometric parameters of the human figure corresponding to gender and age. The main function of the building corresponds to a group of premises, which forms the compositional core according to the principle of functional zoning. The following zones are distinguished in the building with the necessary set of main and auxiliary premises: Group cells; Medical block; Administrative and management area. Public area (halls); catering unit; Economic and technical zone; Laundry room. When developing the overall composition of the building, spatial (horizontally and vertically) interconnections of the core with structural nodes were determined. Structural nodes in the building are: Central entrance group; A group of auxiliary and utility rooms, sanitary facilities; 3. Horizontal communications (corridors); Vertical communications (stairs). A holistic artistic and expressive system of forms that meets functional, structural and technical requirements is reflected in the designed building. In the left and right wings of the building group cells are located, in the central part of the building there are additional premises of the kindergarten, as well as administrative and utility rooms. For the delivery of food, cargo to the 2nd floor, a small freight elevator PG-0125KM for 100 kg is provided. For communication between floors and evacuation of people, two staircases (L1 type) were designed. The width of the march is 1350 mm, the width of the platforms is due to the opening of the doors, but not less than 1350 mm. The distance between the railings in the clear is at least 100 mm, the slope of the flight of stairs is 1:2 (the riser is 150 mm, the tread is 300 mm). Fences and handrails of stairs and pits are designed in accordance with the instructions of SP 118.13330.2012 "Public buildings and structures", SP 59.13330.2016 "Accessibility of buildings and structures for people with limited mobility" and GOST R 51261-99 "Stationary rehabilitation supporting devices". The height of the railings of the external stairs and porches at the entrances to the buildings is 1200 mm. The height of the parapets is at least 0,9 m. For MGN access to the second floor, a passenger elevator PP-1021 is provided.