Kindergarten project for 280 children

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Kindergarten project for 280 places

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Index: 66.144.273
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 412 MB
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Space-planning indicators
The total area of ​​the building - 5305,7 m2
including technical underground - 1864,2 m2
Usable area - 4656,1 m2
including technical underground - 1776,5 m2
Estimated area - 2691,7 m2
Building area - 2551 m2
Construction volume - 20995,5 m3
including technical field - 5146,44 m3
Vegetable store
Total building area - 110,26 m2
Usable area - 73,9 m2
Building area - 86,52 m2
Construction volume - 311,6 m3


The technical solutions adopted in the working drawings comply with the requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygienic, fire and other standards, and ensure the safe operation of the facility for human life and health, subject to the measures provided for by the working drawings. The project was developed for the following construction and operation conditions: climatic subdistrict - ID; absolute minimum air temperature -48,6С (January) (SNiP 23-01-99*); the estimated weight of the snow cover is 1,2 kPa (II snow region SNiP 2.01.07-85 *); normative wind load - 0,23 kPa (I wind region SNiP 2.01.07-85 *). During the development of the project, it was adopted: the class of responsibility of the building - II-nd level (normal SNiP 2.01.07-85 *); functional fire hazard class - F1.1 (SNiP 21-01-97); constructive fire hazard class -С0 (SNiP 21-01-97); degree of fire resistance of the building - II SNiP 21-01-97; seismicity of the area is 8 points with a 10% degree of danger; seismicity of the construction site - 8 points; seismicity of the building - 8 points. The building was designed from three independent blocks. The building is two-story with a technical underground; has a complex shape in plan with dimensions in the axes of 41,11x64,80 m. The height of the technical underground is 2,4 m, the height of the first and second floors is 3,3 m. M13580. For a conditional mark of 85, the mark of the level of the finished floor of the first floor, corresponding to elev. 650,10 according to the general plan. The foundations were designed on the basis of the "Technical report on engineering and geological surveys for the object" Kindergarten for 280 children. The depth of foundations is assumed to be 3,04 m. from the 0,00 mark, on pebble soil with sandy aggregate. The normative depth of soil freezing is assumed to be 3,2 m. The blind area is made of asphalt concrete 40 mm thick, 1,0 m wide, on gravel-sand preparation 100 mm thick. The outer walls of the building are three-layer brick with a mineral-plate insulation with γ=125 kg/m³. The inner layer of the wall is made of ordinary ceramic brick KORPO1NF / 100 / 2,0 / 25 GOST 530-2007, on a cement-sand mortar M 50, 510 mm thick. The outer layer is made of face brick KOLPO1NF/125/2,0/25 GOST 530-2007, 120 mm thick, reinforced with a mesh of ordinary wire Ø4ВрI every 450 mm. For fixing the outer and inner layers of bricks during the laying process, fiberglass anchors are laid with a step of 500 mm horizontally and 300 mm vertically. The joints of the outer and inner walls are reinforced with meshes 1500 mm long with a step of 675 mm. vertically. Brick partitions 120 mm thick are made of KORPO1NF / 100 / 2,0 / 25 bricks on an M50 mortar with reinforcement through 5 rows of masonry with two longitudinal rods of Ø4VrI and additional fastening to walls and floors. Partitions with a thickness of 80 mm should be made of plasterboard on a metal frame with sound insulation. As soundproofing, a min. plate with γ=50 kg/m³ 50 mm thick is used (profiles of the "TIGI-KNAUF" system: guides - PN-2-1, racks - PS-2-1). Partitions with a thickness of 100 mm should be made of plasterboard on a metal frame with two-layer plasterboard sheathing and soundproofing. As soundproofing, a min. plate with γ=50 kg/m³ 50 mm thick is used (profiles of the "TIGI-KNAUF" system: guides - PN-2, racks - PS-2). Brick partitions 65 mm thick should be made of KORPO1NF / 100 / 2,0 / 25 GOST 530-2007 bricks on a cement-sand mortar M50 with reinforcement 2Ø4Vr-1 through five rows of masonry. Carry out masonry work in accordance with the instructions of SNiP 3.03.01-87 "Bearing and enclosing structures". Brick laying of walls and partitions should be performed not lower than the 2nd category in terms of resistance to seismic impacts, with a temporary resistance to axial tension along untied seams of at least 120 kPa. The walls of vestibules at the entrance shall be insulated with mineral wool boards g=125 kg/m³, 100 mm thick. with subsequent plastering on grid No. 15 in accordance with GOST 5336-80 *.  Internal stairs - from prefabricated reinforced concrete steps on metal stringers. External staircase - steps made of steel sheets on metal stringers. The roof over the main two-storey buildings is an attic with a roof made of metal tiles with an organized drain. The roof over the one-story building is a flat rolled roof, with a cement-sand coating. Windows - plastic according to GOST 303674-99. External doors - plastic. Internal doors - according to GOST 6629-89. Floors - concrete, ceramic tiles, linoleum. Porches - granite tiles with a corrugated surface.