Kindergarten project. Standard project 12659.16

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Kindergarten project. Standard project 12659.16

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Index: 48.121.279
Data Sheet: Working draft
Sections: Some sections: AR, GP, POS, PZ
Data volume: 32 MB
File Format: * .pdf
Children's educational institution
Project documentation, including estimates, for the completion of the construction of a children's educational institution
Design stage: Working draft
Technical and economic indicators
Plot area, m2: 8095,00
Building area, m2: 1561,00
Total area, m2: 4231,00
Construction volume, m3: 12630,00
Floors, fl.: 3
The total estimated cost in September 2006 prices, thousand rubles: 239219,30
Including: Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 186312,26

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The working draft provides for the completion of the construction of a children's general educational institution (hereinafter referred to as the preschool educational institution), which began construction according to the standard design code 12659.16, developed by LenNIIproekt and suspended in 1991. The working draft provides for the completion of the middle part of the third floor, with load-bearing structures made of steel frames, lowering the level of the basement floor, widening the window openings in the outer walls. The building is designed as a detached, three-story frame building with a basement floor, with plan dimensions of 60,0 x 24,14 x 10,95 m. The walls of the building are hinged expanded clay concrete panels. Ceilings - prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs. Partitions - prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. The children's educational institution is designed for daytime stay of children up to 220 people, from toddlers to senior preschool groups. In the basement there are premises: a heating point, a water meter, technical and utility rooms, sanitary facilities for personnel. It is planned to divide the basement into compartments with an area of ​​not more than 700 m2. The exits from the basement are designed as separate: two exits along the marches in the outer pits and two through the stairwells, separated from the rest by type 1 fire partitions. On the ground floor there are: four nursery groups, designed for 15 children each, a catering unit, a swimming pool the size of 7 x 3 m, auxiliary rooms, medical room, treatment room, reception room, isolation room and toilet. From each nursery there are designed independent exits to the site and two exits to the outside through the corridor and the stairwell. On the second floor there are middle and senior preschool groups of 20 people each, as well as a hall for gymnastic and music classes, a wildlife room. On the third floor there are four senior preschool groups of 20 children each, a computer room, office and utility rooms. In each cell, rooms are provided: dressing rooms, playrooms, a bedroom, a toilet and a pantry. The height of the cell rooms is 3,1 m. The building has four stairwells of the L-1 type, two elevators with a carrying capacity of 400 kg each, for lifting products from the catering unit to groups and a second one, with a carrying capacity of 1000 kg for passengers, including for the use of fire departments. Surface finishing of walls and partitions on evacuation routes is fireproof. Windows - metal-plastic with double-glazed windows. The roof is flat, with an external organized drain, the coating is rolled. Thermal protection of external enclosing structures and filling elements is designed taking into account the requirements of SNiP 23-02-2003 "Thermal protection of buildings". Measures are provided for the accessibility of the building for people with limited mobility.

Structural and space-planning solutions

In accordance with the technical survey, the main structural elements of the building were erected in 1991-1992 according to the frame structural scheme. External walls - from hinged expanded clay concrete panels of the 1.232 kl-10 series. The state is recognized as operational. Basement walls - from prefabricated reinforced concrete panels of the 1.217 kl-10 series. The state is recognized as operational. Columns, frames and girders - from prefabricated reinforced concrete products of the 1.222 kl-10 series. Section of elements 250 x 300 mm. The state is recognized as operational. Ceilings and roofing - from prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs of the 1.243 kl-10 series, 100 mm thick. The state is recognized as operational. The foundations are made of driven prismatic reinforced concrete piles of the S14-35 grade with a design design load of 25 tons. According to calculations in the completion project, the design load on the pile is 21 tons. The bearing capacity of foundations, walls and ceilings is recognized as sufficient to withstand the design loads, the structures do not require reinforcement. The completion project provides for: additional examination of the junction points of the elements of the reinforced concrete frame before the start of the execution of design solutions; superstructure of the middle part of the third floor with load-bearing frame structures made of steel wide-shelf I-beams with rigid junctions of elements; arrangement of openings in ceilings due to changes in planning decisions; lowering the level of the basement floor; installation of a monolithic reinforced concrete base slab for floors with anchoring it into existing grillages and its waterproofing; restoration of the destroyed sections of floor slabs. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the rigidity of the frame and disks of reinforced concrete floors and roofing. The constructive part of the working project for the completion of the construction of a children's educational institution complies with the regulatory requirements for projects for capital construction.