Project for the construction of a school building for 1100 students

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School for 1100 places

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Index: 29032302
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
Sections: all sections
Data volume: 2100 MB
File Format: *.dwg, *.doc, *.pdf
Expert opinion: positive, 2022.
Project documentation including estimates for the construction of a school for 1100 places.
Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a school for 1100 places.
Technical and economic indicators.
Land area, m2: 27300,00
Building area, m2: 7604,00
Construction volume, including m3: 116199,97
Construction volume above el. 0,000, m3: 8876,62
Building volume below el. 0,000, m3: 28123,35
Total building area, m2: 27041,95
Floors, pcs.: 2,3,4
Number of floors, pieces: 2,3,4
Building height, m: 18,50
Elevators, pcs.: 2
Energy efficiency class - A

General information.

The school is designed for 1100 students, 44 classes, with no more than 25 students per class. Primary school classrooms for 400 students. Educational premises for senior classes for 700 students. The capacity is calculated for training in one shift only. The teaching staff is 118 people. The total number of employees in the school, including administration, educational departments, educational departments, service employees (catering, security, cleaning of the territory and premises of the school, maintenance of building networks) -212 people. The school building is of variable number of floors (2,3,4 floors) with a basement under the entire volume of the building, complex in terms of shape with overall dimensions in the axes 157,900 m x 141,20 m, with a flat (in the axes 1-43 / A-P, 10-22/K-Sh) and pitched (in axes 23-29/N-Sh, 12-21/E-MM) roof with a top coating of roll materials. The height of the above ground floors is variable, the height of the educational blocks is 3,90 m, the height of the basement floor is 3,39 m. It consists of classrooms, after-school groups, playrooms, recreation rooms, and bathrooms. Primary school students study in classrooms assigned to each class. The study rooms and the rooms of the after-school groups are interconnected through a corridor. The elementary school block has direct access to the school site. The premises of the 1st and 2nd floors, where the bedrooms-playrooms of the primary classes are located, are allocated in a separate fire compartment, the doors to the bedrooms are fireproof EI30. Classrooms for first grade students are located on the first floor, students in grades 2-4 are located on floors 2-3. The block of premises for students in grades 5-11 is designed as a four-story block and is located on the right side of the building, along the axes 30-43/Zh-R. It consists of classrooms, laboratory, recreation, bathrooms. Cabinets for natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) are designed with laboratory assistants. Laboratories are located on the side of the school board. Informatics classrooms are also designed with laboratory assistants. The classrooms are interconnected through a corridor. The corridor has lighting through the recreation. The location of the offices is double-sided. The classrooms are located on the 1st - 4th floors. Labor training workshops are allocated in a block and are located in axes 10-22/P-T on the first and second floors. A metalworking workshop and a woodworking workshop are located on the 1st floor and have a separate exit to the school grounds. The block of general school premises is designed with a variable number of storeys, in the axes 21-30/A-E; 10-21/S-MM, on the first floor in axes 28-34/M-R. It includes: On the 1st floor: premises of the entrance group: lobby, wardrobes for students in grades 1-4, 5-11, security room; two sports halls with dimensions of 18,0x30,0m, 12,0x24,0m, a swimming pool with a bowl of 25,0x11,0m with dressing rooms, showers, bathrooms, coaching, inventory; - a catering unit with a dining room for 550 seats and production facilities. Warehouse and household premises of the catering unit are located in the basement under the premises of the catering unit on the first floor. Technological connection between the premises of the catering unit of the basement and the first floor is carried out by means of an internal staircase of the H3 type and one cargo lift. The premises of the catering unit of the basement floor have two exits to the school grounds. Medical premises are grouped into a block, which is located in close proximity to the entrance area of ​​the school and has a separate exit to the school grounds. On the 2nd floor: an assembly hall with a stage, with a capacity of 1100 seats, with inventory, artistic; library and information center, administrative offices. On the 3rd floor: multimedia rooms, psychologist's, speech therapist's, technical rooms. In the basement, in addition to the warehouses of the catering unit, there are rooms for water treatment and maintenance of the pool bowl, as well as technical rooms and technical spaces for laying communications. From the premises for laying communications, natural ventilation systems were designed with the help of natural ventilation valves, inflow through grilles in the outer walls, technical rooms are equipped with independent exhaust ventilation systems with mechanical stimulation, in the basement of the catering unit, supply and exhaust ventilation systems with mechanical stimulation are provided. Effluent from the pits of the technical premises of the basement is pumped out by a portable pump (provided in the VK section). The basement floor has 10 dispersed exits to the adjacent territory. Drainage from the entrance pits is arranged into the ground through a ladder and a drainage pipe. For communication between the floors of the building, 8 staircases (3 L1 stairs, 4 H2 stairs and 1 H3 staircase), 2 elevators for lifting fire departments and MGN, as well as a lift in the catering unit were designed. Structural system - column-wall, or mixed (SP 52-103-2007). Structural scheme - full reinforced concrete frame (SP 52-103-2007). Bearing structures - reinforced concrete columns with a section of 400x400 and 500x500 mm, reinforced concrete beams with a section of 400x500 mm; Pozhvad walls - monolithic reinforced concrete 250 mm thick. The walls of stairwells and elevator shafts are monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm thick. The elevator shaft cover is monolithic reinforced concrete with a thickness of 220 mm. Elevator shafts - prefabricated reinforced concrete with a wall thickness of 120 mm. Mines for cargo lifts of the catering unit - made of brick K0RPo1NF / 150 / 2,0 / 50 / G0ST530-2012, 250 mm thick. Ceilings - monolithic reinforced concrete beams. Overlappings over sports, assembly halls, and also the pool - farms.