Estimate for the overhaul of the school

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Estimate for the overhaul of the school

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Index: 75.126.201
Data Sheet: Estimated documentation
Sections: all sections
Data volume: 79.4 MB
File Format: *.doc, *.xlsx
Expert opinion: a positive
Estimate for major repairs of the school. Object: Overhaul of the state educational institution secondary school

Technical and economic indicators
Plot area, ha: 0,4308
Building area, m2: 1389,70
Total building area, m2: 4632,90
Construction volume of the building, m3: 22735,00
Floors, fl.: 4

Cost indicators
Estimated cost in the basic price level of 2001 (excluding VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 43287,70
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 22183,43
Equipment, thousand rubles: 15910,71
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 5193,56
PIR, thousand rubles: 603,81
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 38,15
Estimated cost in the current level of February 2012. (VAT included)
Total: thousand rubles: 228892,76
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 157582,20
Equipment, thousand rubles: 49377,31
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 21933,25
PIR, thousand rubles: 2385,24
VAT, thousand rubles: 34904,81
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 270,97

Information about the standards used, as well as the applied indices for transferring the estimated cost from the base price level to the current level

The estimated cost of construction is determined by the base-index method. Local estimates (estimates) were compiled in base prices of 2001 according to the collections TER-2001 and TERm-2001 "State Standard 1.1". The cost of materials, products and structures was adopted according to the territorial collection of estimated prices at current prices as of February 2012 (recalculation to the base price level was carried out by indices for materials). The recalculation of the estimated cost from the base to the current price level in February 2012 was made on the basis of the sections of local estimates, taking into account the indices of changes in the estimated cost: construction and installation works - by type of work and costs; equipment - 2,63; other works and expenses - 5,87 (Letter of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia dated February 28.02.2012, 4122 No. 08-IP / 5, Appendix No. 28, clause 2001, article "Education"). When determining the estimated cost according to TER-2001 and TERm-81, overhead costs in local estimates are determined from the payroll by type of work in accordance with MDS 33.2004-81. The estimated profit in local estimates is determined by type of work from the payroll in accordance with MDS 25.2001-06.12.2010. The coefficients to the standards of overhead costs and estimated profit are taken into account according to the letter of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia dated 41099 No. 08 / KK / 21.02.2011 (as amended by the letters of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia dated 3757 No. 08-KK / 29.04.2011 and dated 10753 No. 11-BT / XNUMX ).

Information about operational changes made to the estimate documentation in the process of checking the estimated cost

Price lists are presented, agreed by the customer, in accordance with the requirements of MDS 81-35.2004 (clauses 4.25, 4.28). The cost of technological equipment of furniture and inventory is determined according to the "Register of Prices for Basic Goods, Works and Services for State Customers", Educational Objects, in accordance with the order. The range of equipment has been updated. Commissioning costs are accepted according to the customer's letter (clause 4.102, MDS 81-35.2004). Previously unaccounted costs for technological connection to water supply and sanitation networks, heat and electricity networks are included in accordance with the Agreements. Local estimates have been corrected: The volumes and types of work on the installation of floors, exterior finishing of facades, interior decoration have been brought into line with design decisions (the cost of finishing materials has been adopted according to design grades; the scope of work has been clarified; the cost of materials has been determined according to the SSC, instead of price lists). The unit prices used in local estimates were replaced with those corresponding to technological processes and actual labor costs in the sections of electric lighting, electrical equipment and the cost of fire-retardant coatings. Coefficients of 1,15 and 1,25 are excluded for works on dismantling structures, landscaping, paving, laying external engineering networks. The coefficient for cramped working conditions, which was not justified by the project, was excluded. The cost of R&D has been corrected: The value of the physical indicator has been specified. A coefficient has been introduced that takes into account the amount of work performed.