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Leisure center

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Leisure center
Design. working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys for the construction of a leisure center
Technical and economic indicators of the projected capital construction facilities:
Construction volume of the building, m3: 8502,0
Built-up area of ​​the building, m2: 1046,0
Total building area, m2: 1286,0
Useful area of ​​the building, m2: 1101,3
Estimated area of ​​the building, m2: 763,0
Number of floors, floor: 2
Audience capacity, seat: 120

Architectural solutions.

The architectural and planning solution of the leisure center building is substantiated by its functional and constructive schemes. The volume-spatial composition of the leisure center building is a two-story volume with a gable multi-level roof. The main element of the composition is a universal auditorium for 120 seats with a stage 6x11,6 m. The building has a rational layout with a central entrance and two evacuation stairs located on the right and left sides of the building. Main groups of premises are compactly placed in compliance with the requirements of functional zoning. On the plot, the building is oriented with the main entrance to the south, so all play and club rooms are oriented to the east, south and west. The service entrances to the building are located on the north side. For vertical communication in the building, two staircases of the L1 type are provided, which have separate exits to the outside. From the stairwells, exits to the attic and roof are designed. To provide access to the building for people with limited mobility, the project provides for the depth of the vestibule of the main entrance to the building of 2,5 m, with a width of 7,15 m. The width of the entrance doors (clear) is 1800 mm. The dimensions of the entrance area are 8,4 m by 2,2 m (depth). The site is equipped with a ramp with a normalized slope. On the staircase of the accessible entrance, the project provides for dividing fences with double-sided handrails. The project designed a passenger elevator with a load capacity of 630 kg with internal cabin dimensions of 1100x1400b2100 mm in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 53296. Door width 900 mm. The fire resistance limit of the elevator shaft doors is E 30. To ensure safety for all disabled people who are calculated to stay on the second floor, the project provides for a safety zone in the elevator lobby. The dimensions of the elevator hall are 2230x3580 mm (depth). Fire resistance limit of walls - REI 150, doors - EI 30. Air overpressure is provided in case of fire.

Constructive decisions.

The building of the leisure center is designed in a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The foundations are columnar from monolithic reinforced concrete. Overlappings monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm thick. The walls of the stairwells, flights of stairs and landings are monolithic reinforced concrete. The outer walls are self-supporting from M50 andesite-basalt blocks according to GOST 6133-99, with a density of 1450 kg/m3 and a thickness of 390 mm. Hinged façade system with an air gap "A-VENT VF K" with facing with ceramic granite tiles 10 mm thick (TU 5271-002-80949215-08). Thermal insulation - hydrophobized mineral wool slabs based on rocks of the basalt group TECHNOVENT Standard. The roof is gable multi-level on metal trusses and beams. Coating - metal tiles MP Montecristo-S NorCKn MP (PE-01-5005-0.5). Thermal insulation - hydrophobized mineral wool slabs based on rocks of the basalt group "Bazalit DV", with a density of at least 30 kg / m3, 200 mm thick in two layers. A building with an external organized drain. Internal walls and partitions: from basalt andesite blocks M50 according to GOST 6133-99, density 1450 kg/m3, thickness 390 and 190 mm; from an ordinary brick M75 according to GOST 530-2007 on a cement-sand mortar M50 with a thickness of 120 mm. INstained glass - two-chamber double-glazed windows bound from aluminum profiles SIAL KP50K. Window blocks made of PVC profiles in accordance with GOST 30674-99 with double-glazed windows. External doors - metal according to GOST 31173-2003, with self-closing devices and with sealing in the porches. Internal doors - wooden in accordance with GOST 475-2016. Doors of rooms with category "B" -fireproof metal. Internal fire doors - metal, produced by NPO PULSE. All engineering systems are designed in the building.