Dormitory project for 200 people

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Dormitory project for 200 people

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Price $2,400.00
Index: 02082105
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
Sections: All sections
Data volume: 1507 MB
File Format: *.pdf (layers)
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Design and estimate documentation for the construction of a hostel for 200 people
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Building area, m2: 1485,0
Construction volume above 0,000, m3: 18045,0
Construction volume below 0,000, m3: 2681,7
Total building area, m2: 5065,2
Useful area of ​​the building, m2: 4344,8
Estimated area of ​​the building, m2: 4087,7
Floors 4

General information.

The hostel for 200 people was designed in accordance with the design assignment. The building is 4-storey with a technical underground. The height of the 1st floor is 3,35 m (to the bottom of the floor slab), the height of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors is 2,74 m (to the bottom of the floor slab). The height of the technical underground is 1,80 m. The degree of fire resistance of the building is II. The class of constructive fire hazard is C0 The class of functional fire hazard of the building is F 1.2. The entire building is one fire compartment. The designed building in plan has a shape close to a rectangle with dimensions in the axes of 84,36 x 15,20 m. sanitary premises (bathrooms, laundry, ironing, etc.) technical premises (ventilation chamber, main switchboard, server rooms, water metering unit, etc.) - utility rooms (storerooms) administrative premises, cultural premises (assembly hall, game room ). On the second, third, fourth floors (+0.000; +3,750; +6,750) there are: residential sections for 9,750 rooms with a bathroom and shower in each section, kitchens and cleaning equipment rooms. On the second floor there is also one living section per room. The project provides 2 meta for living.

Space-planning solutions.

The projected building in the plan has dimensions in the axes of 84,36 x 15,20 m. The total area of ​​the building is 5065,2 sq. m. parapet of stairwells - 14,34 m. The main entrance to the building is located along axis A. The scheme of the building is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame of longitudinal and transverse walls. The height of the building from the floor level of the first floor to the maximum elevation of the roof parapet is 17,4 m, to the stairwell parapet -14,34 m. Access to the roof is through three stairwells. On the roof in axes 17,4-12/B-G there is a boiler room at el. +14, which is entered through the central staircase. Fire escapes are designed at the height difference of the roof. The walls of the stairwells are monolithic reinforced concrete, 12,750mm thick. The external walls of the building are made of aerated concrete blocks of class B180 with a density of 2,5 kg / m400, 3 mm thick, with reinforcement for the entire length through 300 rows of perforated tape, as a heater - Rockwool “Kaviti Butts”, 2 m thick, the outer layer is facing brick, dimensions 100x250x120 mm. The supporting frame of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete longitudinal and transverse walls, 65 mm thick. with reinforcement for the entire length through 180 rows of perforated tape with subsequent finishing. Interior partitions of residential sections of the 2,5nd-400th floors are made of stone SKTs-3R-200PG, 2mm thick. The partitions between the bathroom / shower room and the vestibule of the residential section are made of Pavlovsky silicate hollow block, 2 mm thick. Roofing - flat rolled welded "Isoplast" (4 layers: upper - "Isoplast K", lower "Isoplast P",) on a cement-cement reinforced screed with a lightning protection device, 1 mm thick, roof insulation - "Rockwool Roof Butts", 1 mm thick and a slope-forming layer - expanded clay gravel. The projected building has an external drain.