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Yacht club project

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Data Sheet: Project documentation without estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Project of a yacht club (a technical center for the storage and maintenance of yachts).
Project documentation without estimates and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of a yacht club

Technical and economic indicators
Building area - 2280 m2;
Total area - 2522 m2;
Building volume - 19850 m
Land allotment area - 7870 m2;
Number of floors of the building: one-story with a two-story extension.
The height of the building is 12 m.
Landscaping area (Within the land allotment boundary) - 2923 m2;
Landscaping area (Outside the land allotment) - 551m2;
Placement of a parking lot for 28 cars (within the boundaries of the land allotment).

Information about the functional purpose of the capital construction object

By designation, the building of the technical center is a production building with attached storage and administrative premises. The interior space is divided into 3 main volumes: yacht maintenance area, yacht storage area, yacht club administration area. The building is one-story with a two-story extension. On the first floor of the two-storey part there are administrative premises, dressing rooms. On the second floor there are administrative premises, a control room. The one-story part is formed by two volumes - storage rooms for large-sized yachts, rooms for maintenance and repair of boats and yachts (the highest part of the building). The roof is unused. The building of the technical center houses the premises of the following classes of functional fire hazard: F5.1 - production and utility rooms; F5.2 - warehouses; F4.3 - administrative and office premises. In the administrative premises, the club is managed, the affairs of the club members are organized to organize their movements in the water spaces, demonstrate novelties in the field of equipping yachts and boats, demonstrate new samples of small and medium-sized yachts and boats, assist in lifting and lowering yachts and boats from / on the water. In the storage rooms of the yacht club, the storage of yachts and boats with specified dimensions is provided. Total storage capacity 21pcs In the yacht maintenance rooms at the workplaces (four maintenance workplaces when working with boats 8,5 m long), the following works are provided: yacht hull cleaning; conservation / re-preservation of yachts; minor repairs of yacht hulls in terms of repairing cracks, dents, gelcoat scuffs; application of antifouling coatings; production of non-slip deck coverings; applying decorative graphics to the sides (name, logo); minor repairs to electrical systems; service maintenance of engines; removal from yachts of equipment requiring repair. The repair of the removed equipment, as well as the repair of the hull (with the exception of the small one), in accordance with the assignment for the design of technological solutions for the yacht club, will be carried out on the principle of outsourcing - at the enterprises of the city. Moorings for summer parking of yachts and boats, as well as a slipway for lifting (lowering) yachts and boats from / to the water is solved by a separate section of the project and is not included in this technological section.

Information on the needs of the capital construction object in fuel, gas, water and electric energy

A built-in automated gas boiler house is provided for the needs of the object's heat supply. Fuel type - natural gas, calorific value 8000 kcal/m3, density - 0,68 kg/m3. Annual fuel consumption is: natural 125,88 thousand m3; conditional - 143,86 thousand T.U.T. Water consumption 10,0 m3/day, including hot water 0,28 m3/day. The annual consumption of electrical energy is 555,822 MWh/year. 

Data on the design capacity of the capital construction object

Storage rooms for yachts and boats provide accommodation for 14 yachts with a length of 12,5 m and 7 boats with a length of 8,5 m. The workshop for the maintenance of yachts and boats is designed for 4 places (for boats with a length of 8,5 m). The states are accepted according to the design assignment and are: administrative and managerial when working 8 hours a day and 365 days a year - 16 people; production workers in the workshop and storage rooms when working 8 hours a day and 250 days of work - 6 repairmen (production process group 1b), 1 workshop foreman (production process group 1a) and 1 head of storage rooms (production process group 1a).

Information about the raw material base, the need for production, water, fuel and energy resources

Maintenance of yachts and boats requires limited use of the main types of resources: there is no water consumption for the needs of the technology; electricity is used for hand-held electric tools (each tool is 1,5 - 2 kW, in total 3 pieces of equipment are used simultaneously), desktop machines consume 1,2 kW each and are used no more than 5 minutes per hour, the most energy-intensive equipment is a welding transformer with a power of 13,5, 10 kW, which is used no more than XNUMX minutes per hour; compressed air is used to blow the repaired surface and is obtained from its own compressor. The materials necessary for the maintenance of yachts and boats, due to their small number and simplicity of appearance, are purchased from the city's distribution network.