Project of central heating substation CTP 3,47 MW

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Central heating point

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Index: 79.131.255
Data Sheet: Project documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Land area, ha: 0,0059
Building area, m2: 54,0
Total building area, m2: 54,0
Construction volume of the building, m3: 178,2
Number of floors, fl.: 1
Productivity, MW: 3,47
The length of engineering networks, including: lm: 2056,50
Heating networks, lm: 1650,00
Water supply networks, lm: 88,0
Water disposal networks, lm: 13,50
Power supply networks, lm: 305,0
Gas supply networks, lm: -

Architectural and space-planning solutions

The central heating point is designed in a separate building, intended for heat supply of heating, ventilation and hot water supply systems of administrative and residential buildings. The CTP building is one-story rectangular in plan with dimensions in the axes of 7,500x6,800 m, height from the planning ground level to the eaves - 3,445 (mark 3,125), mark 0,000 (floor of the CTP room) from the adjacent territory - 0,320 m. The CTP building was designed from 2 rooms of the CTP itself and a diesel generator room. The technological process of the CHP proceeds without permanent staff. The building is provided with 2 entrances (1 to the central heating station and 1 to the diesel generator). Structurally, the building is designed in a metal frame with external enclosing structures made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 120 mm, roof - from sandwich panels 120 mm thick along metal beams, floor - aluminum sheet on baked plywood along frame elements.

Structural and space-planning solutions

The building of the central heating station is designed from easily assembled metal structures with "sandwich" paneling. Metal structures are made of a closed bent profile 100x5 in accordance with GOST 30245-2003 (columns and roof beams), connections are made of a bent profile 50x4 in accordance with GOST 30245-2003. The outer walls are hinged "sandwich" panels of the "Megaprofile" type, 120 mm thick. The roof is designed from "sandwich" panels 120 mm thick, laid on the roof beams. The spatial rigidity and stability of the building is ensured by the joint work of columns, vertical and horizontal connections. The calculation of load-bearing structures was carried out on a computer using the SCAD 11.5 program. The foundation is slab on a sand cushion. Monolithic reinforced concrete slab 200 mm thick, concrete B20,W6, F100. Under the foundation, crushed stone preparation with a thickness of 100 mm is provided, along a sand cushion with a thickness of 2650 mm. The relative elevation of 0.00 corresponds to the absolute elevation of +6,60 m. In accordance with the report on engineering and geological surveys, silty sands of medium density with E=180 kg/cm2, φ=30, c=4 kPa serve as foundation foundations. The maximum level of groundwater near the day surface. Groundwater is non-aggressive to concrete of normal permeability. In order to protect the concrete of underground structures, the concrete grade for water resistance is W6, the concrete surface is protected by coating with bitumen-rubber mastic for 2 times. The expected average settlement of the building is not more than 10 mm. In accordance with the technical conclusions, the following fall into the risk zone: 5-storey residential building ~17 meters from the central heating station being designed; 4-5-storey residential building ~3 meters from the planned central heating station, 5-storey residential building ~19 meters from the planned central heating substation, 3-4-storey residential building ~7 meters from the planned central heating substation, 4-5-storey a residential building ~23 meters from the planned CTP, a 4-storey building of the Maternity Hospital ~24 meters from the designed CTP, a transformer substation 23 meters from the projected CTP, a one-story building of garage boxes ~2 meters from the projected CTP. The expected additional settlement of the surrounding buildings is less than the maximum allowable values. All buildings belong to the second category of technical condition.