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Outdoor Lighting Project

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Price $212.00
Index: 63.190.220
Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Data volume: 852 MB
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Outdoor lighting system
Design, working documentation, including estimates, and the results of engineering surveys for the construction of outdoor lighting of the facility
Technical and economic characteristics of the capital construction object
Mains voltage, V: 380/220
Number of food points SHRUA-400, pcs.: 3
Installed supports:
OGKKV-7,5, pcs.: 406
OGKKZ-7,5, pcs.: 66
OGKS-7,5, pcs.: 112
Searchlight EF25-250-MAS, pcs.: 24
Lamp SKU 01 42-654 "Concord", piece: 599
Total power of installed lighting fixtures, kW: 37,747
Cable lines:
PvBbShv 4x50, m: 159
PVVG 4x25, m: 496
PVVG 4x16, m: 6492
Total, m: 7147
Air lines:
SIP 2 3x25+1x35: 11935
SIP 2 3x16+1x25: 1414
Total, m: 13349
Control and executive survey of cable lines and outdoor lighting poles, km: 15,7
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 14
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 10
Equipment, thousand rubles: 328,07
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 4151,70
PIR, thousand rubles: 1043,41
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 36,00
Estimated cost at the current price level as of May 2013 (including VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 76867,63
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 58405,99
Equipment, thousand rubles: 1211,71
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 17249,93
PIR, thousand rubles: 3333,49
VAT, thousand rubles: 10643,18
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 215,89

Engineering equipment, utility networks, engineering activities

The power supply of the outdoor lighting system of the quarter is designed from three new power points connected to TP 1 (Rrazr=17 kW), TP 2 (Rrazr=11 kW), TP 3 (Rrazr=12 kW), in accordance with the technical conditions, the initial data for design. The category of power receivers in terms of power supply reliability is III. Consumers of electricity - LED lamps "Concord" SKU 01-42-654, power 53 W (599 pcs.), spotlights EF 25-250-MAS, power 250 W (24 pcs.). Installation of fixtures is provided for on new metal supports of the type OGKKV-7,5 (406 pcs.), OGKKZ-7,5 (66 pcs.), OGKS-7,5 (112 pcs.). Laying of the supply cable PvBbShv 4x50 (159 m), group cable PvVG 4x25 (496 m), PvVG 4x16 (6492 m) - in the ground, SIP-2 3x25 + 1x35 (11935 m), SIP-2 3x16 + 1x25 (1414 m) - on supports.

Organization of construction

The construction organization project provides for the construction of an outdoor lighting system for the quarter, including: installation of three power points, installation of lighting poles, underground laying of cable lines and installation of SIP wire. The construction master plan was developed on a scale of 1:500 for the construction period, taking into account the work of the preparatory period. Temporary solid fencing of the construction site is provided in accordance with the requirement of GOST 23407-78. Entry and exit of transport and construction equipment to the construction site is organized from the side of the streets. At exits from the construction site, installations for cleaning the wheels of vehicles are provided. Intrasite driveways are provided on the existing asphalt concrete pavement. Laying of cable lines is planned to be carried out in an open way. The mechanization of construction works is complex, using mechanisms, such as: an excavator with a bucket volume of 0,2 m3; crane drilling machine BEUR LS 5600; telescopic tower AGP-18. The work will be carried out in two shifts. Materials are stored on the construction site with a stock not exceeding the daily consumption volume. Provision of construction materials is provided from the enterprises of the city's construction industry. Household premises of builders, with a maximum number of employees of 16 people, are planned to be located in inventory mobile buildings and on the basis of a contractor. The total duration of construction, taking into account the work of the preparatory period, is 9 months. Construction waste generated during construction is removed by a specialized organization to a licensed solid waste landfill. The requirements for the organization of the construction site, labor protection and hygiene of construction work, methods of construction work, methods of instrumental quality control of construction, labor safety measures, and environmental conditions are met in full. The use of materials and mechanization specified in the project is justified by the calculations and conditions for the production of work.