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Outdoor Lighting Project

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates
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Outdoor Lighting
Design, working documentation, including estimates, for the reconstruction of outdoor lighting of quarter 3, Grazhdanka, Nepokorennykh Ave. - Grazhdansky Ave. - Favorskogo St. - Butlerova St.
Technical and economic indicators
Estimated cost at the 2001 base price level (without VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 2638,15
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 2052,78
Equipment, thousand rubles: 43,07
Other expenses thousand rubles: 542,30
PIR, thousand rubles: 346,68
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 19,47
Estimated cost at the current price level as of October 2009 (including VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 13030,37
Construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 10995,86
Equipment, thousand rubles: 147,42
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 1887,09
PIR, thousand rubles: 983,98
VAT, thousand rubles: 1969,58
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 89,57

Engineering equipment, utility networks, engineering activities

The power supply for outdoor lighting of quarter 3 Grazhdanka (Nepokornennyh pr. - Grazhdansky pr. - Favorskogo st. - Butlerova st.) is provided from the designed new food points "Nepokornennyh pr., 16" (TP 9627) and "Grazhdansky pr., d. 9/3" (TP 2655). Consumers of electricity are outdoor lighting fixtures ZhKU 33-70-001, with a power of 70 W (167 pcs.). The designed capacity of Nepokorennye pr., 16 (TP 9627) is 5,60 kW/7,25 kVA, Grazhdansky pr., 9/3 is 6,09 kW/7,88 kVA. Luminaires are mounted on metal outdoor lighting poles OGKKV-7,5 U1 (62 pcs.), OGKKV-7,5-U2 (6 pcs.), OGKKV-7,5-A (25 pcs.), OGKKV-7,5-S2 (12 pcs.), OGKKV-7,5-S2 (35 pcs.) 7,5 m high with brackets of type K20-0,2-0,2-1-0 (111 pcs.), K21(90)-0,2-0,5-1-1 (21 pcs.), K21(180)-0,5-0,5-1-1 (7 pcs.). Laying of the group wire SIP-2A (6444 m) in the air, power cable PvBbShv (57 m) - in the ground, automation cable PvVG 4x16 (298 m) - in the ground.


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