Project for the overhaul of a kindergarten, standard project I-1158

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Standard project I-1158

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Index: 19012102
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Data volume: 217 MB
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Working documentation including estimates for a comprehensive overhaul of a kindergarten, standard project I-1158.
Technical and economic indicators of the object
Constructive fire hazard class: CO
Functional fire hazard class: F 1.1
Fire resistance degree: II
Floors: 3
Building area: 1121,5 m²
Total building area: 3752,5 m2
Structural volume of the building: 13458 m3

General information.

The building of the kindergarten is made according to the standard project I-1158, of a simple configuration in plan, three-story with a basement and in plan has a rectangular shape with protrusions on the sides in the form of the letter "H", with dimensions in the axes of 55,2 x 27,03 m. the conditional mark of 0,000 is taken as the level of the finished floor of the first floor. The height of the aboveground floors is 3m, the height of the basement is 2.65m. The functional fire hazard class of the building is F 1.1. Design fire hazard class - CO. Degree of fire resistance - II. The building consists of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. The material of the outer walls is reinforced concrete panels 350mm. As part of the overhaul, the project solved the problem of locating the premises in accordance with the assignment with areas in accordance with current standards, taking into account the existing structural scheme of the building. The clean floor of the 0,000st floor of the kindergarten was taken as 1. In accordance with the terms of reference, a partial redevelopment of floors is provided in accordance with current regulations and a complete replacement of internal engineering systems, in accordance with the conclusions and recommendations of the technical report. On the ground floor, an entrance group with a bathroom with access for all categories of MGN, offices, a block of premises for a catering unit and a swimming pool, as well as rooms for four group cells are designed. Each of the group cells has its own entrance from the street. On the second floor there are rooms for four group cells, a hall for music lessons, as well as auxiliary rooms and staff offices. On the third floor there are rooms for four group cells, a gym for physical education, as well as auxiliary rooms and staff offices. Vertical connections between the above-ground floors of the building are provided by two staircases of the L1 type (stairwells with natural light through glazed openings in the outer walls on each floor) located at the ends of the building in the axes G-D. You can get to the roof by metal ladders through hatches with dimensions of 600x800 mm, organized in the stairwell of the third floor.