Truck wash project with service platforms

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car wash project

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Data Sheet: Working documentation without estimates
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Working documentation without estimates for the construction of a truck wash
Plot area, m2: 1914
Building area within the area of ​​​​improvement, m2: 416
Driveway area, m2: 587
Landscaping area, m2: 911

Architectural and construction solutions

- construction area - II В
- design outdoor air temperature (SP 131.13330.2012)
- the coldest five-day period with a security of 0,92 -32 ° C
- the coldest day with a security of 0,98 - 42 ° C
- design weight of snow cover (SP 20.13330.2011) - 2,4 kPa
- standard wind pressure (SP 20.13330.2011) - 0,23 kPa
- The mark of 0,000 of the clean floor of the building corresponds to the absolute mark of 147.15
- The level of responsibility of the building is normal
- Degree of fire resistance - IV
- Constructive fire hazard class - С0
- Functional fire hazard class of the building - F 5.1
- Building category for explosion and fire hazard - D

The designed car wash building is one-story, one-volume, with a pitched roof. The building is designed for washing large-sized equipment. The premises of the building include a washing room, a room for cleaning equipment, a utility room for a ventilation chamber and a heating unit, and an electrical panel room. Access to the washing room is provided through sectional fire doors DoogHan. And also in the building there are two exits next to the gate, which can be used as evacuation in case of fire. For natural light, the washing room is equipped with double-glazed windows. In the washing room at elevation +3,000, service platforms are provided along the longitudinal walls. The reduced resistance to heat transfer of window blocks is 0,59 m2 C / W. Internal doors with a fire resistance limit of EI 60. Walls and roofing are made of three-layer sandwich panels of the BUKKER class, produced by the Armax bioconstruction building plant. The frame is made of rolled steel profiles. The color schemes of the facades of the building are adopted according to the corporate style. The project includes modern building and finishing materials, logical planning techniques, and effective design solutions.

Water supply and sanitation

Estimated water consumption of the facility is 1,00l/s, (including 0,85l/s - circulating water supply. Expenditure for outdoor fire extinguishing is 10l/s. The source of water supply is an existing water pipeline with a diameter of 100 mm, passing through the main heating unit. An underground channel joint laying of pipelines for heating and water supply is provided. The water supply network is made of galvanized steel water and gas pipes ø50mm according to GOST 3262-75*. External fire extinguishing is provided from the existing fire hydrants PG7 and PG6 on the annular water supply network with a diameter of 219 mm passing through the territory. Excess water is discharged into the domestic sewerage network from a tank with an after-treatment unit. The estimated consumption of domestic wastewater is 1,80 m / day. (0,05l/s). In accordance with the connection conditions, domestic wastewater is discharged into the existing sewer network with a diameter of 150mm. To account for treated effluents, a flowmeter “ECHO-R-02” is installed in the well before release. The electronic unit of the flowmeter is installed in the technical room. On the sewerage network, it is planned to install wells with a diameter of 1000 mm from precast concrete elements according to TP 902-09-22.84. In accordance with clause 4.1.1 of Table 2 of SP 10.13130.2009, an internal fire water supply system is not required. For watering the adjacent territory of the building during the dry season, a watering tap with a diameter of 25 mm is provided, equipped with a sleeve 20 m long. Watering taps with a diameter of 15 mm are provided for washing floors on the domestic and drinking water supply network. The water supply line is sealed. Estimated water consumption of the facility is 1,0 l/s (including 0,85 l/s - circulating water supply). The required pressure at the water supply inlet for household and drinking needs is 10m. The entry of the water supply into the building is provided in the heating network channel from galvanized steel water and gas pipes ø50mm in accordance with GOST 3262-75 *. The present project adopted a dead-end water supply scheme. To account for the water consumed by the building, a water meter unit with a bypass line is provided with the installation of a VSHd 20 meter with a pulse output. The technological scheme for the collection and purification of circulating water includes: sand trap; rotary well - sand sump; sump-oil separator with thin-layer elements, coalescer, with pump chamber, container for the filter, installation for post-treatment "Aros-5".