Truck wash project with water recycling system

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car wash project

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Price $1,560.00
Index: 02021902
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
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Data volume: 547 MB
File Format: * .pdf
Working documentation including estimates for the construction of a truck wash
Technical and economic indicators
Land area, ha: 0,766
Number of floors, pieces: 1
Total building area, m2: 189
Construction volume, m3: 903,42
- throughput, vehicle/hour: 4
- operating mode, hour/day: 4
Annual electricity consumption, thousand kWh: 15,8
Annual water consumption, m3: 322,5
Duration of construction, months: 4,0
Estimated cost in prices as of 01.01.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX (including VAT),
Total, thousand rubles: 18
- construction and installation works, thousand rubles: 14
- equipment, thousand rubles: 2
- others, thousand rubles: 1


Car washing is carried out using high pressure washers. The project provides for the use of washing installations without heating and with heated water. For washing, water from the circulating water supply system is used. The car wash provides for one non-permanent workplace of a car washer, amenity premises are provided in the existing amenity premises. During the day, cars are washed periodically as needed. Ensuring the safety of working conditions is the main principle of organizing production at the designed facility. Accurate compliance with technological design standards, which provide for standard distances between equipment, aisles and driveways, ensure a reduction in injuries at work. All metal fences and non-current-carrying metal parts of the equipment are reliably grounded, and current-carrying parts are insulated. In order to ensure working conditions that exclude the possibility of occupational diseases or a sharp deviation of the state of the body from the norms, the project was carried out in accordance with the instructions of the current regulatory documents. The project provides for the installation of a drying cabinet for drying wet clothes of personnel. For washing, water from the circulating water supply system is used. The car wash building is rectangular in plan with dimensions in the axes of 18x11 m. The shape of the building is justified by the purpose of this facility. The car wash building is one-storey, in axes 3-4 / V-D there are premises of a heating point and an operator room. The enclosing structures of the building: the outer walls are made of 120 mm thick hermetic panels according to TU 5284-013-01395087-2001, the roof is made of 150 mm thick thermal panels according to TU 5284-013-01395087-2001. Partitions of internal walls are made of solid brick.