Project for the construction of a veterinary clinic without a basement and an attic

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veterinary hospital

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Data Sheet: Design, working documentation including estimates and results of engineering surveys
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Technical and economic indicators of the land plot, projected capital construction projects:
Plot area, ha: 1,0492
Building area, m2: 446,20
Total building area, m2: 773,30
Construction volume, m3: 3520,70
Floors, Floor: 2
Estimated cost in the basic price level of 2001 (excluding VAT)
Total: thousand rubles: 17182,13
Construction and installation works: thousand rubles: 9849,65
Equipment, thousand rubles: 5037,73
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 2294,75
PIR thousand rubles: 1046,63
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 24,68
Estimated cost at the current price level for November 2009. (VAT included)
Total: thousand rubles: 79795,35
Construction and installation works: thousand rubles: 53356,10
Equipment, thousand rubles: 16426,81
Other expenses, thousand rubles: 10012,44
PIR thousand rubles: 3133,99
VAT thousand rubles: 11706,84
refundable amounts, thousand rubles: 133,11

Architectural and space-planning solutions.

When adjusting the project documentation, the space-planning decisions of the building were changed, another 1 floor was added, the designs of external walls, partitions, roofs were changed, the floor and ceiling designs were partially changed, the decoration of the premises was clarified, the shape and number of stained-glass windows were changed, the exterior decoration of the facades was changed, and as a result of the change of space-planning solutions, technical and economic indicators have been changed. The design documentation provides for the construction of a veterinary clinic - a detached two-story rectangular building, with dimensions in the axes of 13,50 x 26,05 m, with protruding (on the second floor) volumes of the staircase, conference room and gallery. The building - without a basement and an attic, is intended for outpatient treatment of animals, preventive veterinary measures, treatment, vaccination, diagnostic tests for 20 visits per day. The height of the building from ground level to the top of the parapet is 9,15 m, to the top of the parapet of the protruding volume of the stairwell is 12,100 m. On the ground floor are designed: a lobby, a pharmacy, offices of the medical block, premises of the administrative and economic group, sanitary facilities for visitors, technical rooms. On the second floor, a hall, a conference room for 20 people, rooms for a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a ventilation chamber, storerooms for clean and dirty linen and overalls, dressing rooms and a shower room for staff, and a room for cleaning equipment are designed. External walls - from aerated concrete blocks with insulation from the outside. Partitions - from plasterboard sheets on a metal frame filled with mineral wool boards, in rooms with a humid climate - from solid bricks. The coating is flat, the roof is made of a PVC polymer membrane on a professional flooring. Windows - two-chamber, metal-plastic. Exterior finish: plinth cladding - natural stone; cladding of external walls with composite aluminum panels and porcelain stoneware in a ventilated facade system. Interior decoration: walls in doctors' offices, medical offices, laboratory rooms and technical rooms - facing with ceramic tiles to the full height; walls in offices, corridors, common areas, technical rooms - painting on the prepared surface with paints similar to Tikkurila "Siro Mat Plus"; walls in the chief doctor's office, rest room and dining room - painted with paints similar to Tikkurila "Remontti Yassia" for glass wall papers. The project documentation provides for measures to ensure access to the veterinary clinic for the disabled: on the territory of the land plot, the unimpeded movement of disabled people in wheelchairs is designed and parking spaces for them are organized, ramps with non-slip coating and handrails are provided in the entrance areas, the depth of the entrance vestibule is 1,8 m, door openings are designed with a width of at least 0,9 m and without thresholds; a sanitary unit for the disabled is provided for.

Structural and space-planning solutions.

The constructive solutions of the hospital building have been completely changed. Building responsibility level – II. The building was designed according to the frame-braced structural scheme. Columns - metal from an I-beam 20Sh1 and a square bent-welded pipe 160x6. The pitch of the columns is variable, the maximum pitch is 5,7x5,5 m. Steel C255. Floor beams - metal from I-beams 18B235B2 and 20Sh135Sh2. Steel C255. Ceilings and covering - monolithic reinforced concrete slab on a profiled sheet. Plates 120 mm thick (general). Brand of concrete B25. The outer walls are self-supporting 250 mm thick aerated concrete blocks. Concrete brand D600, B3,5. External walls - insulated with cladding with the Kraspan VST (VstN) ventilated facade system, which has a technical certificate from the Ministry of Regional Development. Internal partitions - from solid brick, 120mm thick and from plasterboard sheets on a metal frame 100125mm thick. Stairs - prefabricated reinforced concrete marches with platforms made of monolithic reinforced concrete, B25 concrete. Spatial rigidity is ensured by the joint work of columns, vertical connections in two planes, united into a single spatial system by a disk of interfloor overlap. The load-bearing structures were calculated using the SCAD Office 11.3 software package. The foundations are slabs, made of monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm thick with a thickening for the columns of the middle row (350 mm) and ribs along the perimeter of the foundation (640 mm). The slab is designed on a sand and gravel pad with a thickness of 0,20,3m. Concrete B25,W6, F100. A 100 mm thick concrete preparation is provided under the foundation. A relative elevation of 0.000 corresponds to an absolute elevation +31,10 m. In accordance with the report on engineering-geological surveys of PK "Universal" (reg. No. 2225/1) of 2011, the base of the foundation is sandy loamy gray thixotropic with interlayers of sand, plastic with φ = 24 °, E=140 kg/cm2. The design resistance of the foundation soils is not less than R=1,77 kg/cm2. The pressure on the foundation soil is not more than p = 0,38 kg / cm2. The maximum groundwater level is near the daylight surface. Groundwater is slightly aggressive to concrete of normal permeability. The design documentation provides for measures to protect structures from the aggressiveness of groundwater: the concrete surface is protected by waterproofing. The expected design precipitation is no more than 25 mm, which is less than the maximum allowable.
The design documentation provides for the installation of steel underground tanks (fire-fighting water tanks) on a monolithic reinforced concrete slab, the thickness of the slab is 600 mm. Foundation slab concrete B15, W8. The surfaces of reinforced concrete structures are coated with bitumen for 2 times. The existing veterinary clinic building, located at a distance of 20 m from the construction site, is currently not in operation, and will be dismantled after the construction of a new building.


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