Polyclinic project standard project 252-4-4LG


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Polyclinic 252-4-4LG

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Index: 23022201
Data Sheet: Working documentation including estimates
Sections: according to the composition of the project
Data volume: 410 MB
File Format: *.pdf, *.xlsx
Working documentation including estimates for the overhaul of the polyclinic standard project 252-4-4LG

General information.

The building of the polyclinic was made according to the standard project 252-4-4LG, built in 1988. Number of floors - 3-4 (including technical floor), basement. Capital group -1. Type of interior decoration - increased. Floor height 2,93 m. Walls and their exterior finish - expanded clay concrete panels, interfloor ceilings - reinforced concrete hollow and ribbed slabs. The foundations are monolithic, reinforced concrete on a pile foundation.